Alchemy Subgraphs (formerly Satsuma) is a blockchain indexing platform with drop-in support for hosted subgraphs.


Web3 engineering teams rely on subgraphs to quickly build custom APIs. However, they typically run into a few issues that cost engineering time.
  • With the Hosted Service:
    • Downtime.
    • Data lag.
    • Slow reindexes.
    • Slow queries.
    • Lack of direct support.
  • With the Decentralized Network:
    • Extra engineering effort.
    • High, unpredictable query costs.
    • Lack of indexing certainty.
    • Lack of direct support.
  • With self-hosting:
    • Extra engineering effort to setup.
    • Mental burden for engineers to handle maintenance & issues.

How we solve these problems

We have a completely drop-in experience that you can switch to in < 5 minutes. Our platform provides:
  • Reliability: 99.9% API SLA.
  • Speed: Up to 5x faster indexing and 2x lower data lag.
  • Support: Telegram / Slack group with our team of engineers.
  • Developer tooling: Tools to save your engineering team time.

Additional features

  • Auto-pruning for up to 10x faster queries.
  • Advanced metrics & performance insights.
  • Flexible subgraph versioning.
  • Direct access to underlying Postgres DB.
  • (Coming soon) GraphQL subscriptions.
  • (Coming soon) Direct access to low level decoded events.
Last modified 4mo ago