Getting Started

Getting Started

💡Make sure you have access to your organization account via the Dashboard. During our closed beta, you’ll need to contact us at to create an account.

Creating a new subgraph

  1. Install the graph-cli:

    npm install -g @graphprotocol/graph-cli
  2. Create a new subgraph:

    graph init --product hosted-service
  3. Make modifications as necessary to the manifest, schema, and handlers. See Subgraph Creation for more details.

Deploying a subgraph

  1. Get your deploy key from the Dashboard.

  2. Run the following:

    graph deploy <SUBGRAPH_NAME> \
      --version-label <VERSION_NAME> \
      --node \
      --deploy-key <DEPLOY_KEY>

    See Subgraph Deploys for more details.

  3. If the deploy command succeeds, you’ll receive a link to the dashboard to view your newly deployed subgraph.

  4. 🎉 Congrats on deploying your new subgraph!

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