Common subgraph indexing errors

  • Mapping terminated before handling trigger: oneshot canceled: caused by WASM runtime panics. Newer apiVersions may have a more helpful error message.
    Common reasons include:
    • Using array forEach, which is not supported.
    • Loading an entity with a null ID.
    • Setting a field to null when the field is non-nullable in the schema.
  • wasm trap: unreachable wasm: caused by WASM executing code that should not be reachable.
    Common reasons include:
    • Using array forEach or map, which are not supported.
    • Array access out of bounds.
  • Subgraph panicked with message: called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: MemoryAccessError { _private: () }: caused by various reasons around accessing state in handlers. Reasons include accessing an array index that is out of bounds and using to much memory while running handlers.