Deploying a Subgraph

From within your subgraph repo, you can run the following command:
graph deploy <SUBGRAPH_NAME> \
--version-label <VERSION_NAME> \
--node \
--deploy-key <DEPLOY_KEY>
Note that the autogenerated npm run commands will need to be updated to include these flags or the flags will need to be passed in when running the commands.

CLI Options

<SUBGRAPH_NAME> (Required): Specifies a unique name for a new/existing subgraph.
  • This name should not include the organization name (e.g. use mainnet instead of syndicate/mainnet).
  • Valid names are composed of alphanumeric characters, ., -, and _.
—version-label (Required):
  • Label that will be used as a unique version name for the subgraph.
  • Valid labels are composed of alphanumeric characters, ., -, and _.
—node (Required): Always set to
—deploy-key (Required): API deploy key that you can access from your Dashboard.