Deleting a Subgraph

Subgraph versions

To delete a subgraph version, first navigate to the subgraph version you wish to delete. Then you should see a button to delete the subgraph next to the version dropdown.

Note: We only allow deletion of non-live subgraph versions.

API endpoint

You can also delete a version via an API call:

    -H 'x-api-key: <DEPLOY_KEY>'

Note that this uses the deploy key, not query keys.

Version auto-deletion

While you're always able to delete versions using the method above, sometimes you need something more automated (if you auto-deploy versions via CI for instance). For those cases, we have an auto-deletion feature. This will enforce the version limit by automatically deleting the oldest non-live version of your subgraph when you deploy a new version that puts you over the version limit.

You can enable or disable this feature from the settings tab of the subgraph page.


You can delete a subgraph from the settings tab of the subgraph page.

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