Supported Chains

Chains are not enabled by default for your organization!

Subgraph deployments will fail if the chain is not enabled.

Please contact our team on Slack/Telegram if you need any of the chains listed below enabled for your organization.

General Availability

  • mainnet(Ethereum Mainnet)

  • goerli (Ethereum Goerli)

  • sepolia (Ethereum Sepolia)

  • matic (Polygon)

  • mumbai (Polygon Mumbai)

  • arbitrum-one (Arbitrum)

  • arbitrum-goerli (Arbitrum Goerli)

  • optimism (Optimism)

  • optimism-goerli (Optimism Goerli)

  • base (Base)

  • base-testnet (Base Testnet)

Beta (Contact our team to add these chains to your organization)

  • bsc (Binance Smart Chain)

  • chapel (BSC Chapel)

  • ronin (Ronin)

  • saigon (Saigon / Ronin Testnet)

  • xdai (Gnosis Chain / xDai)

  • arbitrum-nova (Arbitrum Nova)

  • avalanche (Avalanche)

  • fuji (Avalanche Fuji)

  • fantom (Fantom)

  • evmos (Evmos)

  • evmos-testnet (Evmos Testnet)

  • andromeda (Metis Andromeda)

  • moonriver (Moonriver)

  • moonbeam (Moonbeam)

  • mbase (Moonbase)

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